Working as a taxi driver has given me a great insight into the people and community of Neath. Thousands of people travel in the small transient space of the taxi and each journey has it's own unique interaction and narrative.


The intention of TAXI is to document the lottery of people that occupy the taxi space and the experiences that taxi driving offers. Whether it be rushing a pregnant lady to hospital or being regaled stories of World War II by an elderly passenger, the taxi provides a space to meet, converse with, and learn from people.


The array of people that journey in the taxi are diverse. The shop and call centre workers, tradesmen, policemen, pensioners, prostitutes and lawyers, the publican, millionaire, undertaker and pauper, the school teacher, drug dealer, drunkard and postman - the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the sober and the high.


The taxi passengers represent a small cross-section of society, and these photographs hope to non-judgementally document a slice of contemporary Welsh culture.


*Please note, all of the people in the photographs gave consent for their images to be used in a photography project. Where the subjects were under 18, consent was given by their supervising adult.